What You Can Do With This Free Online Notepad
Use this free online notepad to take quick notes online.
Use text editor mode for advanced formatting.
To create a simple and editable to-do list
To mark text online and instantly save new ideas.
Our online notepad with password protection option keeps your files safe.
It will help you write social media posts with live word/character count.
This free online notepad allows you to write blogs and articles online.
Write or import your file
Simply visit our online notepad through any browser of your choice or one that is already available. No matter what machine or OS you are using, just go to online-notepad.net and start using our online notepad to write text online.
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Now start writing right before the page that appears, or import an existing file from your computer. Select your preference for "plain text" or "rich text", whichever is appropriate for your purpose.
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Once you're done writing, do whatever you want with your note, such as edit it for more clarity or better formatting, share it with others, view it, save it, encrypt it with the lock option, or simply download it from our online notebook.